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For Community Betterment, Make Better Environment. The mission has attempted to integrate the concerns of poverty reduction and environment regeneration through a strategy of participatory watershed management. Mission has been premised on the understanding that the livelihood security crisis that people faced in environmentally degraded lands was the result of a distortion in the relationship between people and their natural resource base. It has recognised that techno centric regeneration programmes that visualised picture post-card environmental changes were unrealistic and instead transformation could be worked only by strategies that addressed people's livelihood concerns. Therefore Mission has adopted direct participation by the people as a key strategy

Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Watershed Management is an ambitious Programme of Government of M.P., for sustainable development of area on watershed basis. It not only aims at conservation of natural resources like land and water, but also attempts to improve economic conditions of villagers by enhancing their employment opportunities in their village. This Programme has innovated the approach of watershed management through community participation. At present this Programme is being implemented in all 313 blocks of M.P. in an area of about 3.2 million hectares.

Out Of a total geographical area of M.P. almost 70% of the net sown area is dependent on rainfall. Unpredictable variations in agricultural productivity in rainfed areas coupled with increased biotic pressure on the natural resources has led to an increasingly fragile ecosystem. It was realized that only a strategy, which looked at these interlinkages would provide for sustainable and holistic development in these areas. Livelihood opportunities of the people dependent on rain fed agriculture can be improved by conserving the soil and water resources and optimizing their use which would ultimately manifest in healthy regeneration of natural resources and increased agricultural productivity. Watershed management is a labour intensive and scientific approach towards this end.